About us

Our Vision

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You already know that we ‘Empower visually impaired persons to do what they dare to dream’. Click here to get our organisation’s full vision statement.

Schools for visually impaired persons

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Do you want to find a school close to you that offers learning opportunities to visually impaired learners? Click here for a list of schools for visually impaired persons.

News - read all about it

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Keep abreast with developments at the South African National Council for the Blind and the blindness sector around the world. Click here to read our latest...


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Do you have any questions about who we are, where we are, etc. Use this link to get the answers.

Key staff members

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Do you want to know who exactly is responsible for braille training or who to compliment on our wonderful publications? Click here for a list of Council’s key personnel.

Financial statements

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Do you want to see how we spend our money? Click here to see our latest financial statements.

General contact details

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Do you have more questions or do you just want to talk to one of our experts? Click here to contact us.

Council's Member Organisations

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We are the umbrella body for over a hundred organisations for and of the blind in South Africa. Click here to find a list of our member organisations and their contact details.


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Do you want to come and meet us face-to-face, or just want to know what we are up to? Click here to see our upcoming events.

Who governs us?

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Council’s top body is our Biennial Conference who gives strategic guidance. Our NEC governs the two years in between, and so forth. Click here to see a list of committees and governing structures.

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